Sustainability is a mindset that drives continuous improvement. Almost everyone involved in agriculture carries a great respect for the work and effort of previous generations – for farmers and livestock producers from generational farms, these are parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. But every generation seizes its own opportunities to improve and drive progress. Today’s farmers, ranchers, producers and growers have tremendous opportunities to create value, differentiate their product and ensure the viability of food agriculture by examining what sustainability might mean on their farm. Sustainability isn’t about abandoning tradition; it’s about creating new traditions and practices that complement the old.

When considering our Flagship Farmers, McDonald’s seeks out those who can serve as positive examples, teachers, mentors and communicators to others.

A Flagship Farmer has a desire to continuously search for opportunities for sustainability improvements – not just where there are issues or problems, but also where things are working well but could be even better. They seek out information to measure and quantify their baseline as well as subsequent improvements.

They must be willing to share the details of their efforts – the successes, failures and ups and downs for others to learn from.

They have a drive to treat their employees, their animals and their natural resources with the highest possible respect.