When we’re dealing with other businesses, there are things we find that contribute to better working relationships – like having compatible objectives, common investments, clear, shared commercial benefits, high levels of professionalism and technical competence and good communication. As Flagship Farmers, all those factors can help us work more closely with suppliers and other business partners, benefiting our businesses and theirs.

Shared values and the willingness to work together toward common goals greatly increase the likelihood that any sustainability efforts will be successful in the long term.

Learn about how Flagship Farmers find more ways to collaborate with their suppliers and partners and benefit their businesses

John Power

John Power

Beef Producer, Ireland

  • John has supplied a local slaughter plant for 26 years. This partnership has provided him with feedback and performance data on his slaughtered cattle
  • He has been an active member of the East Waterford Discussion Group for over 15 years, with the group meeting regularly to share ideas and best practice. John also holds knowledge-sharing days for other farmers, where any new research or good practices can be communicated
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Hubertus von Daniels

Hubertus von Daniels

Wheat Grower, Germany

  • Good communication between the farm and buyer has enabled both provider and supplier to set mutual goals. This ensures that elements such as food safety and raw material quality are agreed, defined and achieved
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