McDonald’s farmer-to-farmer sustainability program

As farmers, ranchers, producers and growers, we share similar experiences and understand the special rewards – and challenges – around what we do. To help us adapt to those challenges, we rely on trusted sources of information and knowledge – the most valuable of which we find in each other. That is the foundation of the Flagship Farmers Program.

The purpose of the McDonald’s Flagship Farmers Program is to enable and encourage farmer-to-farmer sharing of sustainable practices and the experiences around implementing those practices on our farms, ranches and operations. By sharing our successes and failures, we’re working to help each other determine what sustainability can mean on our farms, how it impacts our individual businesses and why it’s important to us all.

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We can all analyze our operations, identify where we can continuously improve, and begin our sustainability efforts. It’s not a checklist; it’s a mindset that leads us to long-term economic viability and improved productivity, all while helping people, animals, the environment and our industry to thrive.

Find out how different Flagship Farmers address key sustainability areas and discover the benefits of their actions.

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An introduction to the program

McDonald’s is committed to supporting agricultural sustainability and the long-term economic viability of farmers’ livelihoods. The Flagship Farmers Program is one way in which McDonald’s is striving to embody that commitment. This website is dedicated to connecting farmers around the world who are interested in continuous improvement and sustainable practices. It also recognizes we are each at our own stage of improving productivity and profitability, whether we’re focused on food crops, row crops or livestock production; whether our farm is large or small.