Farmers and others working in agriculture have a special connection with the rural communities they’re based in. Not only are they often an important source of local employment, they’re also part of the cultural fabric and important economic pillars for their regions and the people who live there. One focused, influential farmer can significantly impact how an entire community regards agriculture sustainability. 

Over 35% of the world’s workforce is employed in agriculture, making it the second-largest labor sector globally. By being a key provider of jobs in remote communities, farms are an important source of wider trade and, more importantly, of business development for their neighbors. It’s not just about economic well-being – it’s about growing hope.

Consumers trust farmers when they engage with them personally, and see knowledge shared by farmers as highly credible. That means, as individual farmers, we can have a truly powerful role in encouraging transparency in our community regarding farm practices and animal welfare.

That’s certainly the case for the profiles of those below, all of whom have made an impact on how the general public around them perceive farming and agriculture. This is incredibly important as we strive to foster mutual understanding with consumers and embrace consumer–farmer relationships.

Explore the ways producers are improving life for their communities

DexTerra Farm

DexTerra Farm

Potato Grower, Germany

  • Amenities are given to local youth as an area to socialize
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Maximillian Hardegg

Maximillian Hardegg

Potato Grower, Austria

  • Stone tracks across the farm are made available to cyclists
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David Brass

David Brass

Egg Producer, United Kingdom

  • The farm provides local employment and diversification opportunities for local farms
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