Beef farming is complex and demanding, requiring knowledge of genetics, nutrition, animal care, pasture production and a never-ending supply of optimism. So what does beef sustainability look like? Put simply, it’s about ensuring the long-term viability of beef as a safe and nutritious food by caring for the people, animals and environmental impacts throughout the beef value chain. That means using less water and land, and creating fewer GHG emissions and less waste, for the same amount and quality of beef.

Find out how beef and dairy producers are enhancing life for their animals while improving the viability of their businesses

John Power

John Power

Beef Producer, Ireland

  • Pasture rotation and paddock grazing systems
  • Rubber slat covers fitted into winter housing
  • Straw bedded areas
  • Member of the HerdPlus information service
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Scott Aitken

Scott Aitken

Beef Producer, United Kingdom

  • Good slurry and farmyard manure management
  • Member of the Sustainable Beef Club
  • Compact mating and calving period
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Stefan and Andreas Lindner

Stefan and Andreas Lindner

Dairy Beef Producers, Austria

  • Own spring water
  • Housing enrichment with brushes and thermostats
  • Pasture access
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