Our people make our farms work, and we know that employee health and welfare is critical to the success of a business.

Even though regulations and best practice can vary from country to country and region to region, we as farmers and producers should strive to make sure that we are paying people fairly and providing them with the training necessary to do their jobs safely.  It can also prove to be a competitive advantage when finding and retaining great employees – which is crucial when attempting to implement a culture of continuous improvement across the entire operation. After all, even the best farmers can’t be everywhere on their farm all the time, so being able to count on employees to spot problems or opportunities, or offer up innovative ideas is a vital part of developing a sustainable business.

Safety first

Agriculture is rated as a high-risk occupation when it comes to the potential for employee injuries.  Safe staff who are well trained and competent in their roles look out for the welfare of themselves and others. This can be challenging when so many employees are seasonal, but better training means our employees can carry out their jobs more efficiently and effectively. They’re also more likely to spot potentially dangerous situations – for people, animals and equipment – before accidents happen, preventing injuries and lost time.

Take a look at ways these Flagship Farmers are improving working conditions for their people

  • The farm is an Equal Opportunities Employer, ensuring the workforce is representative of the local community
  • The farm team receives regular training to help them carry out their roles efficiently and effectively, and improve their knowledge. This also includes an awareness of the environmental challenges that farming faces and how they can be part of the solution
Andrew Francis

Andrew Francis

Potato and Carrot Grower, United Kingdom

  • All staff earn 14% more than the national minimum wage, and employees serving over 12 months qualify for an additional EUR100/month premium. All permanent staff qualify for free life and health insurance, and all staff have access to a subsidized doctor’s surgery
Jason de Sain

Jason de Sain

Lettuce Grower, Portugal